Chthonic Nexus

Before reading this, it must be known that this is my interpretation. Of course it's based on things read, but as always with mythology and believe, everyone has it's own personal interpretation. Thus, the meaning of writing this is mainly to explain why I adopted the name 'Chthonic Nexus' for these pages.

The word chthonic is derived from the Greek word chtonios, which means "of, in, or under the earth."
The chthonic gods are gods of the earth and the underworld, and are therefore mostly known as the lords of death, although chthonic gods can also be gods of fertility. In Greece they were the opponents of the Olympian gods.
Their cults are wrapped in darkness and mystery. The gods often had a demonic appearance. The ceremonies could be held in caves and were in every case directed towards the earth, not to the skies. A quite remarkable fact is that in Greece people offered white animals to the Olympian gods, but black ones to the Chthonic gods.
One thing that might seem strange is that they also could be gods of fertility. Not in all cases it was one and the same god/goddess, so it's logical that gods of earth are worshipped, since all seed grows in the earth. But what if it were the same gods?
The answer is of course that these people had a less dualistic view on life/death. Several ages old symbols are the legacy of this way of thinking, for example one of the interpretations of the Ouroboros is such. When taking a close look on nature, it soon will become clear that the driving force is the dynamism created by the life/death equilibrium. A good example is that there are trees whose seed can only grow after there has been a fire in the woods.
As of yet, the Chthonic gods are mostly connected with death and darkness. And I don't think it is wrong to give those forces a different name, it makes clear what aspect is meant. Even if it this way might sound more morbid to most people, this then only is the fault of their own lack of insight. And even more, there are morbid things in this space/time universe, why deny them?
Death is the renewer of life, although it leaves no doubt that death one day will wipe all life away from the face of the earth. But without death, thus without the life/death equilibrium, there would be totally no dynamism in life, life would be as empty as the void.
Chthonic gods are thus gods of death and the netherworld, or darkness in the recent point of view. Even deeper down and on a more cosmic scale they could be identified with the primordial gods of chaos and the void. Although they often got slayed in mythology, their bodies are used to make earth/men, and they are thus the foundation of all.
On more psychological matter, they can also be identified as the primordial and dark psyche of man, commonly known as the Beast Inside. The power to kill, for example, which is grandly denied in our Western civilization and is seen as something dangerous which has to be abandoned. Thus we will be left without strength. It must be held in honour that you would have the power to kill, if by this way you could save your own life.
The ways of most nowadays people seem to be ignoring the beast or pushing it away. Fooling oneself is off course much easier... Easier then scrutinizing the beast, if it's known to yourself it can be controlled and used, if needed. Knowing that it is there and why it is there, knowing and recognizing your origin and primordial essence is the Chthonic nexus.
The Chthonic Nexus is a connection with the netherworld, the wisdom contained in what is generally refered to as darkness. Recognizing that it's a driving force in life, and often more or less the fundament. Being in touch with these essences rather than trying to deny them. Without, and especially within.
A link can also be laid with the alchemist's V.I.T.R.I.O.L., meaning: Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem, translated as: Visit the interior of the earth, and by rectification you shall find the hidden stone. The hidden stone was the 'thing' that could transform all things into gold, for the 'psychological' alchemists it thus was the key to all wisdom.

As for symbolism the serpent is often seen as a symbol of chthonic forces, although it has a double meaning. Lots of old cultures worshipped the serpent as an icon of wisdom, while others mainly united it with death. But probably the most spread meaning is that of rebirth, through shedding it's skin. In normal nowadays talk the serpent is often seen as an evil creature, one of the reasons of this could be the representation of seducer of Eve as a serpent. Still, the Asclepius is internationally used... So, even in today's civilization the serpent has a double meaning.
The fact that I used it in the logo is because of the obvious association with death, but also because it lives close to the ground (with exceptions of course), and this in combination with wisdom, can be interpreted as the wisdom of the earth or the lower regions. Dragons and serpents are often interchangeable. With dragons also having such double interpretations.

The name of course also fits the music presented in these pages, since it's often dark music with lyrics about netherworldly and primordial phenomena. And of course, the music itself is all more or less part of an underground subculture.

Chthonic Nexus is therefore a recognition of the forces of death and the primal essence of man!

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